Fancy Shoes Up to a size 15? Oh Yes! Thanks to the LyDina Jean Collection

 LJC is excited to announce our featured article in The Curvy Fashionista!  Special thanks to Style Blogger/Owner Marie Denee

"Looking for a few pairs of shoes that are fashion forward, affordable, and that are fashioned up through a size 15? Yes, you heard me, a size 15! Well, right here in Atlanta, indie retailer and designerLyDina Jean has launched her collection of shoes created JUST for us, with my favorite feature: Not an M width and NOT a W width! For those of you like me, where a wide is slightly too big and a standard shoe is too snug, here is where the LyDina Jean Collection walks it out!"

I mean… think about it. When you are looking for shoes, you are lucky if you find size 11s and 12s. For anything bigger than that? The search becomes almost nonexistent! I mean, I am a size 10 and have a hard time (because it always sells out- Always) so I can onlyyyy guess how hard it is for my larger footed plus size sisters, until now!

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